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This form is part of a participatory science approach and aims to collect information about lost fishing gear. Geolocalization and identification of gear is essential to provide fast expertise and action.

Our role is to study the impact of lost fishing gear; it is not to give information to the authorities. We are not here to judge but simply to observe the consequences of this problem. In addition, no financial contribution will be requested in case of withdrawal.

The collaboration of a maximum number of users is a strong asset in order to struggle against the problem of lost fishing gear. Feel free to talk about it around you, spread the information and share the link to this platform:



Sighting form

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    The required format is Degree-Decimal (Example: 46,6252 North and 2,4146 East).
    If your coordinates are in Degree-Minutes-Seconds or Degree-Minutes-Decimal, you can convert them here. The point must be replaced by a comma.

    Comments and specifications

    This field allows you to provide details concerning the size of the gear, the species captured or damaged or any information which seems relevant to you. Feel free to fill it in!

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    The size must not exceed 3 MB by picture, only .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif extensions will be accepted ! (The most suitable format for photos is .jpeg)

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    This field allows us to contact you for further information. It is very important! Your personal data will remain confidential.